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    Originally posted by ACoolOkieDude View Post
    To an extent of course. I used a comically high shooting percentage for a reason. I will stand by my earlier contention and add that the NBA's got dozens of guards in it currently that would have had to walk on to play WR or DB at OU in the early 00s when I was at practice everyday.

    I'm not trying to diminish work ethic or intelligence or anything else either as I know that all goes into it.

    Maybe I should have just said something like "I think both James and Odomes are tall/fast/quick enough to survive at the highest level of basketball if they improve shooting/passing/handles enough to get a shot" perhaps "athleticism" means a little different things to different people.
    Ok, I will actually tell you my issues with the "athleticism" of James and Odomes within the context of playing in the NBA. First, I absolutely agree with you relative to the main issue being their basketball skills.

    But from an athletic deficiency here is what I saw during James and Odomes college career.

    James did not have a quick first step and he got in trouble driving to the basket. Defenders could get back in front of him or weak side defenders could step in.. Now, this skill is always affected by how closely guys had to be guarded on the perimeter, if they have an opportunity to go around defenders closing out and that type of thing. However in the milieu of all that James couldn't beat defenders on the dribble well enough to play in the NBA.

    Secondly, he was big and broad shouldered but was only mediocre at using his body to shield. He also was devoid of the ability to take off mid lane, elevate score the basketball which is sort of a combination vertical leap/long jump that a lot of NBA players have.

    IMO James would be a charging machine/blocked shot/turnover machine in the NBA on offense. I suppose he could have devoloped a mid range game to help and possibly had a chance.......... provided his outside shot improved. .

    Odomes is a lot easier to discuss. He would have to be about 6'9" to have such a limited game to play in the league. If he had more offensive skills (and for the life of me I don't know why he didn't) then maybe he could play. But at 6'6" and basically being a floor player he had no chance to get drafted because there are simply too many tall guys to take him away.


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