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    I thought I started a thread on this, but can't seem to find it.

    There's an IPL and BBL - backed T20 league forming here in the states. It seems like nearly all the games are going to be played in Grand Prairie the second half of July. DFW will be represented by the Texas Super Kings, who are partnered with the Chennai Super Kings of the IPL. Ross Perot, Jr. is among the investors. They've acquired the ballpark of the former Grand Prairie Air Hogs and are in the process of converting the grounds for the game.

    T20 is the only way this game is going to grow. With 20 overs and six balls an over, that 120 balls per side, making it equivalent to a nine inning baseball game. It also forces batter to be more aggressive, as every ball counts, leading to more wickets and more fours and sixes.

    I'll probably catch a match with the wife.

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    My dad was a bowler for a club team in England. Whatever their version of the VFW is. My mom has a few of his old bats stashed somewhere. Either that or one of my younger brothers has them.
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